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Saving private Houston, 19.11.15

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Saving private Houston, 19/11/15

A blessing in disguise -

Fig. something that at first seems bad, but later turns out to be beneficial.

Survival goals.

Will Houston, James Winters; 19/11/2015, nearly 9:00 pm.



#cause the rules say no word about language. <3

Will was on his way to the hospital but had gone not so far from Seans farm when he just smelled a rat. When he turned around and gave a quick peek behind his back, he was able to notice some sinister silhouette not far from him. Shit.
Well, actually every unfamiliar silhouettes became sinister since the others had shown their faces, and even some familiar too. The others had just spread like wildfire, and youll ever never know who are you dealing with. Brightons Mill wasnt the safest place before, but its all water under the bridge now. In the present town you should probably avoid simply everyone like the plague if you want to stay alive. Houston really tried to be aloof from almost anybody, but, well.
Okay, he realized than he had went out on a limb by wishing to leave Seans place, but, come on, lets be down to Earth, he just had himself caught between a rock and a hard place. The government had almost sentenced all of them to death, so whats the matter? They are going to be as dead as dodo in two days anyway. Residents of Brightons ought to deal with the other problem on their own, but, well, when pigs fly maybe. Will guessed that they had already explored all avenues for it, so
Nevertheless, in the very moment survival instinct was inconsequently stronger than fatalism, and Will presumed that he totally didnt want to be kicked the bucket by that other or whatever he was.
The situation was becoming more and more on pins and needles. Being alone in the woods, with the shadower behind his back, who definitely didnt intend to set him free. Such lovely, wow. And lovely means dismal in this situation, of course. Damn.
O-o-okay, now or never then.
At last, Will hastened like a bat out of hell, what affected like a red rag to a bull on the stranger who seemed to be faster and tougher anyway, so its time to worry that Will might work against the clock and it might end up pretty deplorably for him. Poor Houston.


smell a rat = to sense that something is not right
spread like wildfire =  to spread rapidly
all water under the bridge = things from the past that are not important anymore
avoid someone like the plague = to ignore or keep away from someone or something totally
out on a limb = when someone puts themself in a risky situation
down to earth = practical and realistic; back to reality
stuck/caught between a rock and a hard place = having two very bad choices
as dead as dodo - no comments : D
when pigs fly = never
explore all avenues = investigate every possible means to find a solution to a given problem or to achieve a desired outcome
kicked the bucket = died
on pins and needles = anxious or nervous, especially in anticipation of something
like a bat out of hell = very fast or sudden
like a red rag to a bull = to be certain to produce an angry or violent reaction
working against the clock = not having enough time to do something

Will Houston (2017-04-05 23:32:31)



When things go south, it still can get worse. The hell broke loose and Winters family went to Seans farm like many others did. Several days passed, and one night twins were gone. Hardly a surprise, considering how one of them had flipped out about leaving his girlfriend whose parents believed it was safer in their basement. That is how family ended up split and J ended up being the one who kept two parts in touch. Truth to be told, twins took pains to keep each other and girls family as safe and sound as possible. It was up in the air whether everyone in Brightons Mill would make it. J wasnt new to the situation when nobody cared, but now it was on governmental level and, well, really sucked beyond limits. Now it was life or death situation and they were running out of time. One thing was being used to the idea of not making it past twenties and another knowing that there were many people who deserved better.
He was lucky he used to run away so often, because now it came in handy. In a pigs eye could he let his sister go out to check up on twins. She was a quiet girl who studied hard and had everything planned, but it was touch and go if she could make it if being chased. So, now he was out in the woods in the middle of apocalypse with just a baseball bat. Fascinating.
When you ask if it can get any worse, prepare to see positive answer. J was totally okay with being out when it was late and dark and every sound became louder and harder to cover. He was harder to be seen, but unfortunately so were others. Actually the first rule was to avoid anything that moves, when impossible run, when impossible defense mode, no warning given. So when he heard somebody running, common sense screamed to get away, but then he realized it were two people running and others didnt chase each other. He hid behind a tree, clenching a bat tightly. Whoever was running wouldn't see him in the dark (hopefully). But then the first silhouette appeared to be familiar. Oh shit. It wasn't likely for Will to make it since others were much stronger and faster. When he ran close, J caught him by an arm and dragged to the side.
- Wrong way, Wall-e, - he breathed out, trying to see how far is the other, - there. Run.
Time was so no on their side, but walking this path not for the first time J knew there was an empty barn somewhere . Please be open, please please be open
- Houston, why do you have so. Many. Problems?
Steps behind them weren't heart-lifting and J wondered since when half of these problems became his as well. All that he could do for how was to run for his life and make Will do the same.

James Winters (2017-03-23 13:52:00)



S-s-sh-h --
You know, it was a bit scary. Well, maybe not just a bit. Someone appeared out of the blue and frightened the daylights out of Will, and his first thought wasnt about his schoolmate, obviously. In the first place he supposed it was another infected, thus this would be the very very end for him.
But it wasnt.
He was about being outraged by Winters, like, what the hell, dog, I might die right there from damn heart attack, and, excuse me, I have so many problems? Cmon, like anyone else isnt disastrous now, but J hit him like a ton of bricks so he couldnt say even a word in spite of suffocation. And then run. Easy to say, James! The only thing Houston could do was to stand there, hardly breathing and looking like a dying duck in a thunderstorm, but it wasnt a reasonable idea to keep doing it, so he obeyed his fellow just like a lamb to the slaughter.
In spite of this, Will was really glad to bump into James. Of course, they got off on the wrong foot in school and were as like as an apple to an oyster, and J could madden Will like hell, but who cares what was before todays apocalyptic world. It seemed like Winters knew what to do and he seemed so adroit in comparison with truly idle Houston, and his damn bat, the exact bat which had its special chair during school lessons, was appropriate as well, so it was such a luck to meet him right now. Did Will even have a right to complain about it?
So they ran until some barn came in their sight and then they ran into it.
Will couldnt see where the other was. Did he follow them or did he lose track? Anyway, they couldnt hear anything, and Will was sick to death of everything and felt so sorrowful, so he leaned on the wall and then climbed off on the floor. Maybe someone shouldn't miss P.E. lessons so often. Houston, you're so pathetic.
Gosh, he groaned at last. Its a small world, huh?
Generally speaking, he mentioned the Winters family and especially James at Seans, hereby it might not be such a surprise to bump into him, but thus much in time? Such a fortunate coincidence. Well not really, but, come on, every cloud has a silver lining.
Thank you, he said. I guess I owe you something, maybe they should talk about it later it they survive, obviously. What are you doing here, by the way? I mean, outside.
Like he had an adequate answer in case of James questioned him back (and very likely he would do it).
Look at them. Two lunatics without any survival instincts, now stuck in some wood box in the middle of nowhere. Whoever would have thought it, eh?


be sick to death of something = to be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for too long
bump into = to meet someone by chance
out of the blue = something that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs
off on the wrong foot = getting a bad start on a relationship or task
like a dying duck in a thunderstorm = having a dejected or hopeless expression
hit someone like a ton of bricks = to surprise or shock someone very much
like a lamb to the slaughter = something that you say about someone who does something or goes somewhere calmly and happily, not knowing that something unpleasant is going to happen to them
as like as an apple to an oyster = absolutely different
every cloud has a silver lining = believing that every bad situation has a positive side

Will Houston (2017-04-05 23:26:25)



J didnt know how long they had been running and - oh, god, - it was so much more difficult to do in the forest. Usually after that amount of time he was already somewhere close to that barn, but now situation was not that usual and he had to keep an eye on Houston as well. Who knew for how long the guy had been running a mile and J wasnt so sure that they would stand the ghost of chance if he didnt want to even think about that if. Because you know, fights in school are one thing and this well.
J almost lost hope and started to believe he let Houston down when the barn finally came in sight. Only when the door was closed he realized how stupid it was not to check the place first. However, if someone was there they would already do something and the barn wasnt big enough to hide. Call him a paranoiac, but there was some space behind something looking like boxes.
- Hear anything - run and do not look back.
J didnt expect Will to answer, not after such a marathon they had made. He tightened a grip on a bat and tried not to breathe. It was too quiet, like in those horror movies, but, luckily, unlike in horror movies, nothing jumped out of nowhere. So, apart from not hearing or seeing almost anything and the whole locked in the middle of forest in a barn thing it wasnt so bad. They were on a sticky wicket but okay. Dead on his feet, he came back and crashed on the floor near Houston who seemed to get better. It was the first time in hours he let go of his bat which was now lying nearby.
Thank you, he couldnt help but chuckle at this, even though there was nothing funny. Maybe it was just because of sudden wave of relief, I guess I owe you something.
Like another 24 hours of this life? Youre welcome.
What are you doing here, by the way? I mean, outside.
He tried to shrug it off, he really did. Maybe there was something in Wills tone, maybe it was just Houston himself whatever it was, it really drove J up the wall. Going through whatever it was alone? Okay. But spare him from being responsible for Wills life, like, ever again.
- Well obviously not trying to drown even deeper in all this mess, like you, - the least he could do, if not to calm down, was not to scream at Will they hid for a reason and it was better to keep quiet, - what the hell were you thinking? Were you even? They say to save your family and friends first - which one of that  is you, again?
He wanted to bite his words back, but then Houston made a sound like he was about to say something. No, just don't . J took a deep breath what didnt really help and turned to Will. As the saying goes, I will kill you if you die, and he really felt like at least hitting this suicider.
- Let me make it clear, Wall-e, just because I had your back in school doesnt mean Im gonna do it every time, - he hissed, clenching fists until it started to hurt, - I wasnt even supposed to be there!
Maybe it wasnt smart to have a go at somebody you were locked with, but he was too angry to care.

James Winters (2017-04-05 07:37:32)



They say to save your family and friends first which one of that is you?
Fair enough, Will thought, but didnt pronounce it. That was exactly what Will said to J when he decided to run away from home and stay at Wills place. We are not even friends. Nothing had changed since that day. Well, actually, everything changed pretty dramatically, but their relationship definitely didnt.
Anyway, he felt nettled by James words, because, cmon, it was okay, not the first time when he got almost caught by the Others, but he had gotten around continuously, just like Winters did, without any fatal consequences, at least until today. O rly? Ha.
Everybody wakes up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes. It doesnt mean that Will wouldnt have get away with this chase on his own.
To be fair, James, he said. I didnt ask you to protect me either at school or now. No one did, so no need to present it like you do me a favour, and dont talk to me like a Dutch uncle. Please.
Besides, I asked you to not call me by this damn nickname.
Honestly, Will still didnt comprehend why James kept doing this or why he even started. His behavior was inconceivable and made Houstons life easier and more difficult at the same time. Of course, he appreciated James protection, but Winters himself was much more importunate and bullied him not less than anyone else. Not physically, but all the same.
You might have not come to help if you wished, Houston continued. Were all gonna die tomorrow anyway, so whatever.
As it has been said, Will was already sick to death of everything happening around. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if he got caught by someone infected? He is just a fifteen-year-old adolescent, bringing as much use as an underwater hair dryer, and nothing depends on him. If they succeeded, the Others would most likely be cured. It they failed, infected or not, they would all pass away. Is there any difference?
But in spite of everything, all Brightons Mill residents tried to avoid the Others, so did Will, and even his pessimistic mood couldnt change that. Moreover, he didnt intend to stay as snug as a bug in a rug in this barn for the next 24 hours or something till the government decides to wipe the town off the face of the Earth. But would he jump the gun if he get out of there now? Shit. It seemed like James wasnt on the point of going anywhere, and he still appeared to Will to be more streetsmart than him.
Listen, Im sorry, he said at last. I wasnt supposed to be there either.


jumping the gun = doing or starting something too early
talk to someone like a Dutch uncle, Dutch uncle = a stern, candid critic or adviser
as snug as a bug in a rug = very cozy, snug, comfortable
wake up on the wrong side of the bed = have a bad day *James Blunt starts singing in the distance*
wipe off the face of the Earth = exterminate
as much use as an underwater hair dryer = : D

Will Houston (2017-04-05 13:47:38)



I didnt ask you to protect me either at school or now. No one did, so no need to present it like you do me a favour, and dont talk to me like a Dutch uncle. Please.
So it took an apocalypse to finally make Will fight back. To see the plan working would be satisfying, but now it was not the right place and time. He didnt save Houston to hurt him in this barn and, honestly, he fought people for less crucial things. And if J wanted a damn gratitude for protecting a person hed choose someone else, cause really, whatever Houston said, he also was a nobody's bargain.
- Yeah, youd just run away like you did back then, it always worked out so damn well- sarcasm wasnt his favourite method of fighting, but better a little than nothing at all, - since when do you finally talk? Didn't seem like you could.
Look, J understood it perfectly feeling helpless and useless was exhausting. He didnt get used to not having any control over the situation and now both of them werent adult, educated, prepared or careful enough. Moreover, now it wasnt safe even to go out temporarily, of course, but it still was driving him crazy.
- You might have not come to help if you wished. Were all gonna die tomorrow anyway, so whatever.
What on Earth made Houston think that being smart with a person who had anger issues was a fantastic idea? Whatever, huh. They still  were sitting within a hand's reach and his fingers itched to give somebody here a thrashing. J could literally feel self-control fading out so shutting his eyes, throwing his head back and trying to count to ten any methods, youd better work. The very fact that somehow Houston managed to push his buttons made the whole situation even worse. His social worker could be proud of him letting sleeping dogs lie for, like, maybe the first time.
Listen, Im sorry he didnt actually listen to what Will had to say after that.
- I was ready to get caught for your 24 hours of whatever! - hitting a wooden floor hurt like hell, especially when he scratched knuckles against it. For some reason neither it nor his voice came out even half as loud as could and J didnt really care about blood or dirt since it really helped to get back to normal. He could practically feel Houston staring when he got round to what had been said. That is what you get for not shutting up in the heat of the moment. Shit.
Unfortunately, it stull was better to wait and J really hoped there wouldnt be any talks anymore. So he just stared at the ceiling hiding one hand in a pocket the view wasnt very pleasant.


nobody's bargain - when a person is not perfect
fingers itch to give him a thrashing to strongly want to hit someone
push someones buttons - deliberately irritate
to let sleeping dogs lie to avoid a conflict
get round to to realize
the heat of the moment - saying or doing something suddenly without thinking about it

James Winters (2017-04-07 02:10:52)



Since when do you finally talk? Didnt seem like you could.
Like really. It took just a local end of the world for him being able to snarl at somebody wearily. Self-development and fighting your personality disorder in natural habitat, wow.
Just shut up, he whispered really silently, thus J couldnt pay attention. What else he could say? Unlike James, Will didnt find his own disability to stand up for himself that laughable, even in sarcastic way, and maybe the most probable future scenario was that he turn in on himself again.
Then James finally flared, which made Houston start.
I was ready for your 24 hours of whatever!
Okay, it was pretty much uncomfortable. Will understood that J simply didnt mean to let the cat out of the bag, but he did. So what did James want him to say for that now? Will had already apologized to him and was definitely not on the point of repeating himself. Accidentally he got an idea of teasing at Winters with tongue-in-cheek, like, I knew you werent kidding about the reasons why you decided to stay at my place and why you make a fuss over me, but in another moment he found it quite far-fetched unless he wanted to make himself the next target of Winters after the barns floor. Houston wasnt so stupid to not realize that he had been trying James patience for too long, so J might not control himself next time. Moreover, Will definitely wasnt that sassy. And even if he acted like he didnt care about his life anymore, he actually did.
Will had no idea how a single person could make him feel annoyance and gratitude at the same time. Well, at the exact moment Winters was totally driving him up the wall much more than making him feel glad, but whatever. Dont bite the hand that feeds you, huh? He still didnt feel himself that guilty. At least, it takes two to tango, but James refused to realize that. Besides, would Will ignore J if Winters was in deep water? Against all the odds, hell, no.
Come on, James, he uttered. Please, calm down, your hysteria wouldnt help anyway. Like Winters would care if he decided to kick the shit out of Will. At least, he might find it as a way to feel better, didnt he?
Be clever, and I will probably make you a cake, Houston grinned dismally, I dont know, for your birthday maybe? If we live, obviously.
As if James only knew how reckless it would be for him to agree, because Will can microwave very well, but has no idea how to cook absolutely anything.


let the cat out of the bag = tell someone something that you were not supposed to
bite the hand that feeds you = hurt or upset someone who is helping you
tongue-in-cheek = something said in humour rather than seriously
drive up the wall = annoy or irritating
in deep water = in difficulty; in trouble or in a dangerous situation
it takes two to tango = both people involved in a bad situation are responsible for it
make a fuss over = overly care for someone/something
far-fetched = usually refers to an idea, choice, decision, plan that may be unusual, probably not a good choice

Will Houston (2017-04-07 12:00:42)



- Come on, James, please, calm down.
Just when J wanted to finally point it out that such phrases only make things worse and he did calm down already, by the way he realized that as much as he didnt want Houston to say anything, it was better that he did. Even though James didnt let out anything gravely important, he still didnt mean to and was just as uncomfortable with it as Will and actually grateful for the lack of comments. Because, you know, he got used to turning everything into a joke and could never find his feet when it came to saying something even a bit serious just like now.
- Not gonna bite anyway, just so you know, - he quipped. It looked like Houston was somehow more afraid of him now that of the others outside.
Be clever, and I will probably make you a cake. Be what, huh.Apart the idea itself, did Houston realize who he asked to be clever? Besides, if they survive its not likely for them to talk ever again. J wasnt sure for how long Winters family would keep him around since they had a pretty bad falling out after the twins escaped. And even if they would as much fun as it was, he wasnt going to be a pain in Wills neck anymore. Or at least was going to give it his best shot, because now that the plan finally started working, there was a chance Js help and annoying behaviour wouldnt be needed anymore.
- I dont know, for your birthday maybe? If we live, obviously.
There was something ironic in not living one day to be sixteen and he knew Houston was almost in the same boat.
- Its not that I dont believe in your cooking skills, he smirked, - but if theres a chance we die due to it the next day after survival tell me now. Besides, J never cared about his birthdays and apart from foster parents and school council who saw his birthday certificate Will now was one of few people to know the date, - and Wall-e, youre allergic to everything. I vote for sticking matches into carrots for your sake.
When everything was so quiet even though they talked they were smart to do it in a low voice it was too easy to forget nothing there was safe and they still were trapped and screwed. It was high time to do something but to check surroundings first. He came up to window - a small one and a bit too high.
Come on.
Just when it seemed like they spend eternity in this barn. And still. Even the bare look of the other in the distance was convincing enough. As reckless as he was - there happened to be Houston to accidentally come under fire. So, cursing internally, James waved at him to come here.
- Tell me you see one of them as well, Will didnt have to ask, the question was hanging in the air, - not too close but you know theyre faster then well ever be. Let's just see where and if it's gonna go.
Like, I know maybe you'd rather get in trouble then spend another five minutes here, but then I'd have to vent over backwards to save you again so can we just do it an easy way this time.


give it someone's best shot - try your hardest.
have a falling out - to quarrel
question hangs in the air remained unsettled or unspoken
find someone's feet - to become comfortable in what you are doing
bent over backwards - doing all you can to help someone



- Its not that I dont believe in your cooking skills, but if theres a chance we die due to it the next day after survival tell me now, James joked in his favourite manner.
- Hmhmmm, Will sustained. I dont want to lie to you, you know, at least because he was truly unlikely liar, - but YouTube had better be working the day after tomorrow, he grinned, not raising his eyes from the barns floor.
As a last resort, Will had a weapon X: an acquaintance confectioner.
- and Wall-e, youre allergic to everything.
Yeah, especially to the opinion that he signed up for this when he was born.
- Hey! Come on, he complained. Its not funny, James. You know, I have no choice but just to deal with it.
Like Will asked for something like this, huh. He didnt ask for his state of health, he didnt ask to differ from other people at least, in this way. Maybe he is ridiculous, but he simply doesnt want to provoke any symptoms, which are always very unpleasant. Why should he even explain this?
- And, by the way, what do you have against carrots? Do you even know how many benefits they have? Like, proving vision and preventing cancer, - however, whats the use of immunity from cancer if you would most likely be destroyed by bombing tomorrow, William the Carrot Protector? Well forget about cancer. Havent you ever eaten a carrot cake? From Starbucks, maybe? If you did, you probably wouldnt mind so, though, and this invention will turn your world's image upside down, he smirked internally.
So unconstrained dorky argument about carrots considering whole nine yards, who knew. But really, why cant they forget about surrounding madness just for a minute? Especially taking into account that they had to stay in there for a while anyway. They should stay silent, but complete silence seemed to be too dismal. So, by Wills exhausted and frightened sight, they actually needed to release tension for a bit. Or somebody might probably get hurt.
- Wait, he suddenly realized. Havent you just said that your birthday is the next day after tomorrow? it means that J probably wouldnt live only one day till his 16? 17? Will would stake most likely on 16. Huh.
Will tried to imagine but couldnt decide what seemed to be sadder: Js case or if his birthday would be the exact day of (probable, probable) Brightons Mill extermination. J didnt look like he really cared, but still. It was so ironic that he couldnt keep himself from appreciation of that.
James gave Will a sign to come to the window, so Houston rose to his feet and stood next to him. November is not the warmest month of the year. Especially you can feel it while almost not moving in non-heated room, like some barn in the woods. Will started to freeze and felt a bit under the weather while sitting on the floor, therefore some movement seemed to be a good idea.
- Aha-a, Will breathed out, slightly leaning on the wall and stretching to the window. Right, did James really need confirmation of his words? However that might be, Will gave it to him.
Wait till the seen figure disappears? After their last marathon, Will couldnt agree more.
- Well, youre the one with a bat, he shrugged. I just
November is not the warmest month of the year. Especially you can feel it while almost not moving in non-heated room, like some barn in the woods. Hands were already quite frozen, so Will tried to find pockets of his jacket, but felt about for something in them.
cant be that stupid. Will stopped short and frowned. In confirmation of his thoughts, he checked his pockets. Oh, shit.
How, for Gods sake, could he think that he was unarmed while actually he was holding a taser all the time? The mind boggles especially because he hadnt been outdoors without it for last couple of weeks. Now he felt embarrassed and relieved at the same moment. However, he decided not to be in too great a hurry to tell J about it. Because maybe it was not a right time for hiding something like this, but he really didnt want to freak Winters out and to hear anything about his own fatal absent-mindedness.
- Um, just You lead, OK? Will put in a nutshell, reasonably decided to sit on the fence for no barking up the wrong tree.


Whole nine yards everything
Feel a bit under the weather feeling slightly ill
Sit on the fence this is used when someone does not want to choose or make a decision
Barking up the wrong tree to be mistaken, to be looking for solutions in the wrong place

Will Houston (2017-04-28 09:13:45)



Did J need an actual confirmation? Maybe. But also he needed someone who wouldnt get distracted easily now it can get them in trouble just like it did back at the school. He wasnt naïve enough to believe that anything could change in no time flat his mind still was a loose cannon sometimes. Not as bad as for some people there was a girl in one of foster houses who got distracted from time to time even while typing a message. But being responsible for both of them, J had to think ahead, not simply cross that bridge when he came to it.
Maybe for once Winters family had a point - same as someone almost ten years ago. As much as he didnt want to admit that, it wasnt just shitty social skills, short temper and desire to get out here no matter what. And despite all efforts made, ADHD occasionally got in his way in ongoing mess, so you bet I know that you have no choice, Wall-e.
All things considered, he really needed Will  to keep track just in case. Not like J was gonna tell him that too.
- Well, youre the one with a bat, I just
-The one with brains and actual common sense?   he glanced at Will, raising an eyebrow. Like, we both know who is a smart one here, cmon.
As strange as it was, once they stopped bickering truth to be told, J was the one to blame all the time it was not only bearable to be at the same room but even okay? J didnt give it much thought but maybe there was another way to get some reaction out of his classmate without turning Wills life into a local nightmare almost every time they had to talk, what if it just had never crossed his mind? Nah, that would be just ridiculous.
- You lead, OK?, - Houston didnt sound very confident. Well, maybe James sucked at Spanish, or Math, or Java or nevermind. Who cared since he could actually help them out of this forest safely?
- Sure he leaned on the wall, looking through the glass and added, where do we need to get you, by the way?
There they were back to the conversation they had minutes before, but now it wasnt that necessary to put Will on edge anymore. Call it a light bulb moment, whatever. But now J was curious if he could play nice since what was intended to be done was done. Also there was a chance theyd never speak again so why not give it a try, for a change?
- Well if you can protect yourself half as well as when it comes to defending carrots we have nothing to worry about, - he smiled, not looking at Houston and keeping eyes on actions outside. How much time had passed, anyway? Felt like ten minutes at most. And yet - with some tension gone and no injuries made they were far cry from what was before. Impressive.
If only he could concentrate for a little longer. When J snapped out of it he realized Will was saying something and he didnt even know what the topic was. 


cross that bridge when you come to it - deal with a problem if and when it becomes necessary, not before
light bulb moment -  when you have a sudden moment of comprehension. realization or inspiration
loose cannon unpredictable
far cry from - very different from
in no time flat very quickly
snap out of it come back to reality

James Winters (2017-05-24 00:50:55)



The one with brains and actual common sense? well, that was unexpected. In his heart of hearts Will realized that Js self-importance was not that high to deny that he is not the smartest person in the room. At least, Will was much more concentrated and even more widely-read and James couldnt deny it too, but every time he mentioned Wills intelligence he contrived to present it somehow like it wasnt his advantage. And now this. Such a nice surprise, wow. Not saving Houston from feeling embarrassed. But pleased. But embarrassed.
And what did he supposed to do with his brains now? He couldnt even think out what to answer. Too damn useless.
Where do we need to get you, by the way?
The hospital, Will breathed and there and then recollected himself, realizing how ambiguous it could sound. Im OK, he assured just in case. Its just you know, my mother still works there.
Thats right: this crazy woman still tried to be helpful for their half doomed town. Well, probably she had a point: at least, she always did something, so all Brightstons madness couldnt drive her crazy as it did with many others. And also the hospital probably seemed to be one of the most protected buildings in the town. Anyway, Will couldnt stop worrying about her and, yeah, stupidly endangered himself because of it right now.
Well if you can protect yourself half as well as when it comes to defending carrots we have nothing to worry about.
Will could not keep himself from bursting out laughing:
Yeah, I guess I probably can do it, or not.
As he figured out, he still had a taser (what was still not supposed to be told to James, at least, yet), but didnt have outstanding reaction and belief in himself, so Others had better be far from them when they decide to get out of here.
So where are you heading down? Will asked, remembering how J freaked out in account of saving Will brought him to wrong direction.
But there wasnt any reaction to his question. Houston calling Sunbird. Sunbird, do you read? Come in, Sunbird.
Did he turned off because he was highly concentrated or wasnt concentrated at all? Talking about James, you never know, but Will really hoped that he was just looking for any infected being around.
Hey? Will turned to James again, so he finally mentioned it. I asked about your destination. Where are you going to? or was going before he accidentally met Will, yeah.
If worst comes to worst, I can get there by myself, can't I? Undesirable perspective, but still.
Wait, since when Winters company appeared to be better than no company at all?
Oh, still Will had almost got caught, right.
And also, what do you think? Here we go or?..


in your heart of hearts if your true thoughts and feelings were known

Will Houston (2017-05-25 22:39:59)



Somebody here has a way to present information, Wall-e. To the hospital, then. There were two, no, three possible ways. The first one no, too risky, might be too loud because of surroundings in some places you just cannot walk quietly, no matter how hard you try. So it left him on the horns of a dilemma. Maybe J really got too wrapped up in drawing mental map from their current location to Houstons final destination and forgot about reality. Whoops.
Hey? I asked about your destination. Where are you going to?
To hell.
To twins, they ran away and now I am like a damn owl to Winters, circling there and back, - he sighed heavily and everything came out annoyed enough. There was no need to let Will know that he kind of volunteered.
J didnt want to feel responsible for anyone and look what he got himself into instead. But, well, he learned to differentiate kids from foster parents a long ago. For example, twins didnt choose him and yet, three of them made a pretty good mischief team. A little one, this knop, was clingy and vexing but because she was scared and he knew how to tell stories that deflected her attention from all this.
Besides, to simply hide somewhere and wait was unbearable. You could almost see the tension and panic floating in the air. So, if J could do both, escaping and helping, why the hell not?
And also, what do you think? Here we go or?..
Pressing himself against the window, J tried to see as much as it was possible. And this possible left too much room for imagination. James needed a couple of seconds to think, so he stepped back, bouncing on heels and trying not to look at Houston.
- Just because I didnt leave you there to get caught doesnt mean you suddenly became a person I wanna spend the last hours locked in a barn, Wall-e, - J drawled out, almost laughing, - yeah, lets give it a shot.
If only we had something that shoots for real, but it doesnt hurt to dream.
Saying that, he grabbed a bat, cracked open a door and went out. Luckily, even though the window faced another part of forest, nobody jumped them on the spot. Jumped him, okay, because who would trust Houston to go first, he ran out of luck today. Seeing that there was nothing to worry about, he waved a hand to Will the way is clear, lets go.
And they did. Well, as quiet and careful as you can go through a cold forest almost at night. Please, tell me youre not afraid of darkness, he thought, glancing at Will. J, on the other hand, got used to being strung up all the time to him, the irony didnt end on dates. Being stuck in a town surrounded by a water wall when youre afraid of deep waters?Peachy.
- How do you think, is we all almost died a good excuse for not handing in the last homework?, - he whispered. Wouldnt it be funny, if hed be to rewrite it, - anyway, if we get a happy end, what youll do?
Somehow they managed to toss phrases and jokes so it was almost impossible to believe that in 24hours everything here might be wiped off. Almost as impossible as the fact they could hold a conversation without any casualties.
- No, no, Will, I personally refuse to die until they air Civil war, - J protested quietly, adjusting a bat on a shoulder. How on earth did they even get to this topic?
- Look, theres something I need to tell you, - truth to be told, in school he was made to say things like that too often but it was once in a blue moon when J really meant it. So it took some time and hesitation before he finally decided whatever, we can be dead soon, - Im sorry. For, you know, what I said then about that Star Trek of yours.
And no, James was not going to apologize for being a jerk. Dont stare, he wanted to add, its pretty uncomfortable, but to make things worse he knew Houston didnt expect any of this J added in devil-may-care tone: All I got from her fifteen years ago is a damn James Leonard, Houston.
Like, maybe you're not the one whose name became a subject of jokes, I just hide it better.

James Winters (2017-07-25 23:29:17)



Fair enough, Will smirked, getting out of the barn right after James. I don't think that you are the only person that I'd like to see before I die, too.
But James was really good at not letting Houston die, though.
He thought that they should probably keep silence, but Winters felt himself safe enough for a little talk (or not even a little).
Oh, please, come on, Will rolled his eyes. Even he forgot about homework, and James still cared about it? Like their teachers might not understand them. Such a dork.
If we get a happy end, what youll do?
Had he thought only about survival since all of this started? He couldn't remember it well. Uh... he definitely regreted about his unsatisfied potential couple weeks ago, but now... he probably could just forget how to live an ordinary life.
I-I -- I guess, I will continue to study brilliantly, but that answer did James expect? And you?
But James had already changed the subject. And damn holy mother, what the bull he shot!
Could you please stop before someone noticed enormous laughter around? Will grinned. Otherwise I might not help myself long. If we only had the Internet, they could probably give you a raw copy of it, what do you think? but they obviously hadn't, or their life in Brighton's Mill would be much easier in recent days. Well, if we really made it, meaning survival. Does the film release in April? Next year's spring seemed to be so far and so impossible. Will couldn't imagine even tomorrow day, and James talked about this. Such an optimist. Will was too old for so bold conjectures. if we made it, I could probably keep you company... did he really mean it? Did he just offer to James to go to the cinema together? To James damn Winters, who bullied him at school, even taking into account that he also didn't let him be bullied by others? Damn Apocalypse. Well, only if you don't mind, the Winter Soldier. giving nicknames was actually J's thing, but come on. And um, about that. And hey... Did you just call me Will? Houston couldn't find a way to keep from smiling. Maybe James wasn't as hopeless as he seemed to be at school. But Will bet he might think the same about him, though.
Look, theres something I need to tell you.
Will liked to go outside at night. Almost nobody, except Destiny, knows that, but there were very rare wastelands that seemed unfamiliar to him. But even this couldn't help him with the fact that he really, really couldn't stand darkness. He tried to not say a word about this and even chatted with James, but first of all he tried to concentrate and not to stumble.
For, you know, what I said then about that Star Trek of yours. but accidentally it became really hard. What?
Come on! He expected some important information, but this? Was J kidding?
From wh... he started to pronounce, but pulled himself up from repeating his own old mistakes. But really, from who?
From his mother, stupid. Were there any other options?
Uh, it started to make sense and didn't sound so ridiculous. Well, more specifically, James Leonard did sound ridiculous Captain McKirk, huh but Houston realised how hard it was for James to make a confession. Honestly, Will couldn't find what to say. Okay, was it enough? However that may be, he could not think anything else.
The hospital seemed to be not so far, so James accompanied him almost to the frontdoor. They heard suspitious noises couple of times, but it was nothing, or, at least, nobody tried to attack them. However, Will held the taser in his pocket almost all the time... that obviously could not stop him from relieve that it was not necessary.
But now James ought to go to the twins on his own. And the twins were... where? Will bet this place wan't anywhere around. But did James need his help or not? Come on, like you are not only a clog.
Well... Will coughed, stopping. I think, from now I won't keep you long and I can handle it from here on out on my own, he proposed carefully. Or, I don't know, do you need... ...help? It could become a vicious circle, but how could he not ask?

Will Houston (2017-09-01 22:50:22)



Well, only if you don't mind, the Winter Soldier.
James turned to face Will, because really, did you just?
So there was hope for Houston, huh.
As unbelievable as it was, but finally his former classmate realized it was better not to fall into the trap of using who. Just when James almost believed this word was gonna be Wills always, but okay was okay. J told him about it not in attempt to get any kind of reaction, more like maybe I just wanted you to know .
- Okay he echoed, turning back to the road in front of them.
The rest of the way went surprisingly neat. Even though there were two or three times James was ready to hit whatever was making the noise, it wasnt necessary.
I think, from now I won't keep you long and I can handle it from here on out on my own. said Will when they finally reached the hospital building, - Or, I don't know, do you need
It was nice but lets remember how we met today, J wanted to say, so are you for real?
- Try not to crap out and were even he shrugged off, rolling his eyes. Oh shit, so it really is contagious.
But then it hit him well like a real bomb. Houston was okay maybe a dork, maybe helpless sometimes, maybe a lot of other irritating things, but who wasnt? and James really didnt want him to end up dead.
If you ask him, now ill luck became more of Wills luck. So even if the hospital really was one of the most secure places in ongoing madness, how on Earth was he supposed to just leave Houston here unarmored?
- Actually, theres one thing I need you to do, - J always thought he wouldn't be caught dead doing this, but here we go. Sorry, Wednesday, but your owner is capable of fighting and this punk here clearly isnt, - here, take her.
Saying this, he handed Will his bat, and really, Houston shouldnt look that amused, it was only logical not to
leave out to dry somebody who owes you a cake and Civil War. Call it clever investment. Even if there wouldnt be a chance to use it due to Brightons end or due to James end of being here. Whatever.
And how was he supposed to call an act of hiding a taser the whole time? Damn Apocalypse, damn Houston.
- Would you kindly mind if I punch you for this? and it could sound scary if James wasnt laughing, - try not to forget you have it. Again.
It was so surreal to stay here, in the middle of a doomed town, where everyone was a threat, with someone you two were bickering all the time and now laughing over something that was not even a joke. But for some reason it was funny only Houston could forget about having a taser within a hands reach. But then laughter was gone and everything became really quiet that special night of quiet.
So, apparently, that was it.
- It was nice not to be your friend, - he joked, high-fiving Houston. Who on Earth make a possibly last goodbye serious? Stupid people, - Later.


fall into the trap make the same mistake all over again
crap out to die
ill luck bad luck
leave smb out on dry leave somebody to the mer of fate
wouldn't be caught dead - would never like to do something

James Winters (2017-11-10 22:39:46)


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